10-pack BRIVO 3D Anatomy Booklet with Custom Logo

  • $299.00

Minimum order of 10 for this customized patent pending learning tool that depicts layered anatomy.  We will replace our logo in the bottom right corner with yours.  Just email us a high-resolution image of your logo to make it your own.  

The swivel allows any layer to be viewed in combination with any other layer.   View the layers of the face from skull and ligaments all the way to the superficial fat layer and skin. 

All layers are dry erase - excellent resource for quizzing, taking notes, and explaining.   The final layer is waterproof.

We referenced the following books books in development of this tool:

1) Facial Volumization: An Anatomic Approach; Book by Dr. Christopher Surek and Dr. Jerome P. Lamb

2) Facial Topography - Clinical Anatomy of the Face; Book by Joel E. Pessa and Rob J. Rohrich

 Please allow 2 weeks lead time for this custom order.

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